Kızkumu Beach Bozburun

Kızkumu Beach

Address of Fairytale Beauty: Kızkumu Beach

Marmaris, the jewel of Turkey, is not only famous for its historical and natural riches but also for its beaches, making it a sought-after holiday destination. For those who want to savor the essence of Marmaris, there are countless places to explore, and one of them is the unique Kızkumu Beach that looks like it has sprung from fairytales. In this blog post, we will embark on a journey to discover the beauty and the legendary story of Kızkumu Beach.

The Legendary Tale
Kızkumu Beach is a white sandy shoreline stretching towards the turquoise sea of Marmaris. The name of the beach is derived from a legend. According to the legend, a beautiful princess named Kız Kumu finds herself in the midst of a dangerous storm at sea, and as she tries to swim ashore, her lover, holding her hand, drowns in the waves. To save her lover, the princess runs towards the sea along the shoreline, but the waves carry her away, and she gets buried under the sand. According to the legend, the white sands of Kızkumu Beach are formed from the tears and hair of the princess.

The Unique Beauty of the Beach
One of the most remarkable features of Kızkumu Beach is the ability of its fine sandy shoreline, approximately 600 meters long, to change its position according to the movement of the water towards the Marmaris coast. During shallow tide times, it becomes possible to walk over the sand. This extraordinary natural phenomenon adds an unparalleled view and feeling to the beach, making the visitors even more fascinated, as if walking on an endless road.

Water Sports and Activities
Thanks to its tranquil waters and beautiful natural setting, Kızkumu Beach is also an excellent choice for water sports enthusiasts. Around the beach, you can enjoy activities such as water skiing, sea biking, and sailing. Moreover, snorkeling while relishing the sea allows you to explore the colorful marine life, providing a wonderful opportunity for discovery.

Unforgettable Sunset Views
One of the beauties of Marmaris is its dazzling sunsets. Kızkumu Beach also offers a romantic atmosphere with its sunset view. During the evening hours, the sky is adorned with shades of orange and pink, and the reflections dancing on the sea create a mesmerizing painting-like scene. To share these moments with your loved ones and create unforgettable memories, you must experience the sunset at Kızkumu Beach.

Kızkumu Beach, with its legendary tale, fine sandy shoreline, and unforgettable sunset views, is one of the most special places to see in Marmaris. Surrounded by the peaceful waters and natural beauty of the Aegean Sea, this beach is not only perfect for a romantic holiday but also ideal for water sports and natural exploration. When you travel to Marmaris, do not forget to visit Kızkumu Beach and witness its unique beauty. It will become a part of your unforgettable memories!